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Guinot Microbiotic Mousse purifying cleansing face foam


Give your skin deep purifying cleanse with Guinot Microbiotic Mousse Purifying Cleansing Foam. This anti-bacterial deep cleansing foam will purify and rebalance your oily skin.
It has a foam formulation that cleanses deep into your pores to remove and prevent bacteria, which causes spots. The Guinot Microbiotic Mousse gently regulates sebum production without stripping your skin of essential moisture.

This mousse has an acid pH curbs secretion, which leaves your skin shine free.

Directions of Use:

Massage Guinot Microbiotic Mousse Purifying Cleansing Foam in circular motions to your damp face
Pay particular attention to oily areas
Rinse with tepid water
Use daily, morning and evening




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