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Guinot Gommage ‘Peau D’orange ‘Orange skin peel’ Body Scrub


Guinot’s Gommage Peau d’Orange is a body scrub targeted to help fight what the French call “orange-peel skin” – an unattractive condition caused by cellulite. Peau d’Orange minimizes the appearance of this condition, and when used with Guinot’s other products, such as Double Minceur Gel and Stretch Mark Cream, it facilitates the absorption of their active ingredients such as coffee beans and papaya extract. The gel is meant to be used in the shower to soften and smooth skin.

Key Ingredients:

–        Coffee Beans – Eliminates dead skin and boosts surface stimulation for a smoother, more toned skin.

–        Papaya and Lemon Extract – Accelerates the exfoliation process and makes the skin more even.




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